Green Performer value


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Guys, how much would this Green Performer be worth? Just an estimate. I know location matters.
Anyway, I don't know what that red streak is on it. But other than that, the grill looks pretty nice. It is going to be auctioned off tomorrow morning and I am thinking it might go pretty cheap. I would be looking at it as a rehab candidate.

Let me know what you think.


W Tyler

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It's obviously been left outside in the elements; on the other hand it appears to have been well taken care of. If *everything* works (gas assist, ash sweepers) and that's not rust on the lid..........and if the ash catcher support bar is solid, I'd be willing to go up to $100 as Green SSPs in great condition are rare.

Most likely in an auction - especially a local one - most people will be turned off by leftover ash and a dirty exterior. I seriously doubt if bidding exceeds 50 bucks.


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The 5# tank prolly needs to be recertified. It does have the old wire type charcoal baskets, which are hard to find.
That stripe reminds me of bondo and fiberglass tape.

Kelly C

Bruce - all cleaned up in and out I think it would be worth around $225 or so. The red stripe looks like fabric to me. Suggest you look that over closely before the auction. I would try to get it for under $75. Overall it looks pretty good. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Kyle in Woodstock

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If the lid and bowl are in good shape, meaning no rust through holes and the supports inside the bowl that hold the grates are in good shape...then you should be able to sell for $200 once you get it all cleaned up.

It looks like it is not missing any parts which is nice for that older model.

You will likely have to replace both grates and the ash sweeper blades.
Disassembling and painting the frame on those is very easy.

I'd try to get it for $50 or less, maybe go up to $75.


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Yah, I think he got a great deal. I would have bid more but it would have just been a rehab/flip for me and I don' really care to do coal burners.