General Question using an ATC


Ok I've been babbling about using the partyQ this weekend all week. Tomorrows the day. I have a final question.

I understand that you close off the other two vents besides the one that the fan is attached to.

how about the remaining two holes on the vent pictured? Should I plug those or leave them be?

I was thinking a couple washers and bolts if the concensus says close them up. This is for an 18.5 wsm




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I would think they'd need to be closed. I know I cant run with that much air inlet, it'd be too hot.

Tim Y

I don't have an ATC...but I have researched them and yes, heat tape should be fine.
I have been on and off about getting an ATC & I saw your post about this unit....I am looking forward very much for your review...
IF I decided to get an ATC, it's going to be one of the cheaper models such as this. I've had great success with my WSM so far, and think an ATC isn't needed for the most part, but at the same time I think an ATC would be a great tool in the winter months for butts and briskets.
Again, looking forward to your review and good luck.

Justin W

Definitely plug those holes. High heat tape works great but actually the tape for extreme cold handles even hotter temps than the stuff designed for heat. Crazy, I know. I went with the cold stuff for that reason.

Gary Hodgin

TVWBB Super Fan
I have the digi q and it came with tape. I'd call or email them and ask about it. I'm pretty sure those vents need to be closed but don't understand why the tape wasn't included.

Justin W

I'm certain the holes have to be closed. You're going to need more than the stuff that comes with the controller anyways. You can grab a role at any lowes or HD. Check in the AC section where they keep all the duct work and stuff like that.

David Ward

Yes, you need to close off those two holes in the vent with the party-Q. My Digi-Q 2 came with a piece of high heat foil tape for that purpose. If you still have your box the party-Q came in, check to see if there is a piece in there.

The whole idea behind a computer controlled power draft is the computer controls the amount of air getting to the coals. If you have two large open holes like in your photo, you are not controlling the draft.

If you don't have a piece, I would call them. The piece in mine looks like the metal foil tape on a furnace (not the silver plastic type, but the real metal tape).

James Harvey

I have a Stoker and it comes with an adapter that fully encloses the vent wheel that the blower connects to. The reason for this is that an ATC should completely control airflow into the unit with the exception of the top vent. Leaving it as shown defeats the purpose of the ATC. I'm not familliar with the party-q but I would think that they would address this in their setup.

Stuart S

I have a DigiQ and found that I had to tape the other two vents and the door to truly get full control using the ATC. I just bought a roll of high heat vent tape at HD and its done the trick with lots left over...