Gas Go Anywhere - Regulator Attached When Transporting?



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Do you transport your gas Go Anywhere grill with the regulator attached?. My Go Anywhere is an older wood handle model that uses a clip to secure the regulator to the burner. It doesn't seem like the clip is meant to be attached/detached with each use. Anyone experience any problems due to the regulator hanging out of the side of the grill when being stowed in a vehicle?
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I don't see a problem with it as long as your careful. Though it may be more compact storing the regulator inside. How hard is it to remove and attach?
It's got a small clip that is easily lost because it takes some prying to remove. There was a thread on this forum about the clip, its replacement pricing, and less expensive alternatives.

You are right; the grill is more compact with the regulator stowed. I have another portable propane grill, a Keg-A-Que that has a regulator that is held in by friction. Easy to install and remove when traveling. The Go Anywhere regulator clip is more of a challenge. That's why I was wondering if others assemble the grill and leave the regulator in place when traveling.
No experience with this grill. However, I do have a two-burner Coleman propane camp stove. On that, the regulator unscrews with a brass thumbscrew and stows inside the grill between the burners via a special hole provided for that purpose. Pretty neat design.
Weber customer service said the regulator is meant to stay on the grill. I guess that is why the clip is hard to remove, and easy to lose. I have a gas camp stove like Scott has that stows the regulator, as well as the other portable grill that does the same. That is what got me thinking the Go Anywhere would have the same functionality. I am now using a 7/8" E-Clip instead of the original Weber clip that I lost. Maybe figuring out how to attach a wire as Joe suggested might be a solution If I want to pursue having the regulator removable for travel. Thanks everyone.
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I leave regulator attached and transport in one of those bags recommended on this site.

Holds tools, grill, and a couple of 1lb tanks.