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Hello - have been lurking unregistered for a while so bit the bullet (ha) and registered. Living in Toronto; we have a few great BBQ places here and quite a few mediocre/bad ones so I'm just going to try and do it myself.

Bought a 22" WSM and one smoke done with decent results. Not sure about my other Canadians but briquettes are hard to find in Toronto it seems, so I'm just going to learn with lump. Generally I've always been a pork butt/ribs guy and never enjoyed brisket but frankly I don't think I've ever had a good brisket... so working my way to making one.

For grilling I use a Broil King Regal (sorry! parts and manufacturing all in the US/Canada which was important to me.)

Look forward to learning more.
Also from Ontario here.
I order all my charcoal from Dickson bbq which has 3 locations in Toronto area.
Jane St.
Avenue Rd in North York.
They have lots of other goodies there too......I buy a lot of my grilling items from there but I get mine delivered as I live about 1.5 hours from Toronto and I hate driving in the city.

Here is a direct link to get Weber brand briq's.
Of course click on charcoal and there is other options, mostly the " better brands " or more expensive options are at this store.
More expensive isn't always better, just saying.
If you want to spend less money look at going to Canadian Tire.....they usually have 1 or 2 options to choose from and maybe about $15.00 per bag or less.

Not sure what you wanted to pay, these have increased in price recently for $19.99 to $22.99
I don't use briq's too often but when I do I use this Weber brand....big in size and they burn for a pretty long time.
Lots of ash is my only draw on clean up there is lots of ash.

Enjoy the journey, once you go charcoal its hard to go back, you may sell your Broil King, I gave my Broil King away after about a year of charcoal.
Welcome! Nothing wrong with pork butts and ribs, but I still find myself hankering yet again for a brisket. Today or tomorrow, though, will be country style ribs. Just a little short cut.
Also there is a BARBEQUES-GALORE location in Etobicoke 1470 The Queensway Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 1T5
that sells Weber briquettes $20.99 CAD according to their website and carry plenty of other charcoal brands . They also have a Oakville and Burlington location they have been in business for years and are one of the largest BBQ stores in the GTA.
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Lump works fine in the WSM. Just break up any peices longer than 6" so they don't spread your fire too fast. Also recommend the doughnut minion vs regular minion method. Doughnut is where you fill the ring, dig out some coals from the center, light them and put them back where they came from. It's also easy to put your lighter cube or tumbleweed in the center then wait 15 minutes or so put the smoker together (very similar effect)..

The WSM is a great cooker - you're going to love it. As BFletcher said, there's lots of great info on the other side of this website. Here's a link with a few comments on lump

Nothing wrong with briqs either, I use both. For lump I've been liking the FOGO lately. Lot's of forum members like Jealous Devil XL lump but I can't find it where I live.
Hi Andy, WELCOME!!!!!!!

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