Free to me Summit S-670


John Loftis

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Just picked up a used Summit S-670 from a local Next-door add. It gonna be a fixer upper for sure given the bottompan has seen better days and the infrared burner ignition has rusted out. Couldn't pass up free... Can't wait for daylight to see what the real story is.


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Dave in KC

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I just did a full restoration on one. Get it home, snap more
pics, and lets see what you have to work with. Particularly,
what it the condition of the front, inside portion of the
firebox where the burner tubes come thru, and also, how
is the floor inside the cabinet? I am also curious about the
infrared burner ignition you mentioned.


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Be mindful these can turn into proverbial black holes. Don't buy anything until you have truly priced out everything. You may find repairs can cost as much as a new grill