Found another cheap Q2200


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Dave in KC uses VHT Caliper or Extreme high heat paint. I have used Rustoleum in the past with a clear coat to make it nice and shiny. But, I may switch to the VHT in the future. Colors are a lot more readily available in the VHT.

I think the problem with painting dual colors is the tape line that would result after pulling the tape. On a vehicle, I believe there is some sanding and blending done to remove that kind of ridge, but that takes skill and regular spray paint is not the same as auto paint. This is why I am looking forward to see if someone can make it happen.

Dave in KC

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When you guys talk about painting the Q lids, any tips for doing that? Just remove handle, clean, tape off and spray away? Is there a particular spray that works well on the Qs? I love my Q, but wouldn't mind throwing some color on it
Remove the thermometer also, if it has one. :)