For hose if you with 3D Printers


Benjamin Thibault

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For Those if you with 3D Printers

For those with 3D printers:

Do you list yourself on one of the 3D printers websites and sell your services? I did some looking around just to see what was offered for services out there, and was intrigued by the idea of buying one and maybe having it print stuff off will I'm at work or sleeping or whatever.

Just curious if anyone does this and if there's any reasonable money to be had with it. Something like or whatever.
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If you've got a machine dialed in well and can offer to print stuff for people, why not.

If you're going to use it as a way to subsidize a new printer, then you'll probably get quite aggravated, unless you don't mind spending a lot of time and materials on things.


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was intrigued by the idea of buying one and maybe having it print stuff off will I'm at work or sleeping or whatever
If you get one, can I put in a order? I want one of these:


Bryan Mayland

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I do not because folks without a 3D printer generally don't understand the basics of how to design a part to be 3D printed so they'll make a model with tons of overhang, only touches the build plate at a single tiny point, put to much detail into small parts, etc. You're set up for failure and when it takes you forever to print and then it comes out ugly because they thought you had some sort of laser sculpting device they get all mad, or at least that's what I've heard from both users of those sites and people who do the printing there.

Guy Barton

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I do but I really don't see many requests. I have printed some thingiverse parts for people as well as a few custom designs. It hasn't been bad overall.


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Yes getting them dialed in is a serious PITA, I have a cheapo XYZ Davinci JR. It does ok but I just learned how to keep my prints from curling. I don't think this printer could output the quality that someone would want to pay for anyways. I'm still learning on it, and I don't even have that many options to play with. I can't even control extruder temperatures. However I just managed to hack my first Sli3er gcode file so that the Davinci will accept it. However I do have my eye on a rostock V2 but I need to wear out my davinci first and get really good at using it. If you learn how to race a pinto you will be that much better in a Ferrari.

If you can get a printer it's a lot of fun but remember you will only produce a few parts a day, it takes about 3-8 hours to print out a Rotodamper or a heater meter case. Then you might have another hour post printing making the part acceptable and fit for use. These parts aren't the most beautiful parts either they are rough to the touch, and to finish them off more takes even more time and effort and materials. A decent printer will cost around a grand and consumables will cost about 500 dollars to produce 60 heater meters assuming that you have a 100% yield, and charge $25.00 a case you will break even at 60 units sold. You would be better off using the printer to produce a prototype finish it really nice then use it to make a silicon resin mold. Your costs drop way down and you can pour a whole bunch of units all at once.

There is little money to be made with 3d Printing. It's more of a hobby for people that like difficult hobbies, if you use a heater meter to run a grill you probably can make more money selling smoked meats than what you could with a 3d Printer.

Andy Snider

I've looked at the prices that some charge on 3dhubs & thought it might be a good idea. Then I remember how much of a PITA people & my 3d printer are & quickly scratch the idea.


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I have a replicator 1 original with mods... i only use it to print/play with stuff of my own. printing for others is a business and NOT a hobby. if you approach it as a biz and put in the TIME and energy it will pay off. lots of TIME...

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