Flippers, How are you handling Sales With the Coronavirus

Dave in KC

TVWBB All-Star
I managed to pull 3 sales this week. I am delivering all of them tomorrow.
One guy didn't want to make the drive, and offered up a little bit to make it
worth my while. The other 2 customers specifically mentioned the crud,
social distancing, and I will basically be delivering these in MOPP level 4
gear, along with wipes in one hand, and can of Lysol in the other.


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Just sold another machine yesterday and one the day before. Both cases caution is exercised. Keep distance. Transaction on Thursday was done on PayPal for both her new machine and the one she dropped off for repairs. Hopefully if time I can do her old machine today, yesterday was cash. I used sterile wipes on the cash, no contact, 6' distance, machine thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Being careful but not going to hide. I am an essential business :D