flameboss 500 or cyberq cloud?


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I'm looking at the flameboss 500 or cyberq cloud. Does anyone have experience with these two?
I've seen comparisons of older models for both but was hoping someone's had experience with the newer models.

I want wifi and the ability to accurately control temp in a WSM.

I'm also open to suggestions for other products.


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I have 2 temp controllers, yet use a controller probably only on 3% of my smokes. Weird, I know. The two I have are the CyberQ WiFi (pre-Cloud) and Fireboard. I use the Fireboard as a thermometer and cook log on nearly all my smokes. I thoroughly enjoy the dashboard software and Apple/Android apps where I monitor and log my cooks. I also appreciate that the Fireboard has an internal battery. Perhaps the Cloud does but my CyberQ WiFi does not. This doesn't help much aside from advising you of another option. Speaking of options: Thermoworks now has the Signals/Billows thermometer/fan controller.
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Fireboard with the fan looks like a great option. As does the thermoworks. So many options!

Thanks for your reply!

Jerry Nelson

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Do these work on 18.5" ? I bought a Party Q but the vent mod was too large. Wasnt sure if i needed to drill a larger vent hole or if there was a different option for the smaller cooker.

Lew Newby

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I don't have experience with either but I'm looking hard at the Thermoworks Signals with the Billows Fan. For a few more days Thermoworks is havng a 15% off sale on everything and that brings down the price a good bit. Online reviews look good. Just in case you haven't pulled the trigger yet.