First smoke on Masterbuilt 560


Brandon Stork

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After doing the Pre-season break in I was very excited to do my first cook. My cousin had nothing but good things to say and I now know why. I have to thank my dad on coming in clutch on finding the smoker. It was at our Farm and Fleet on clearance for 299$. He sent me a picture and said I believe this is the one your cousin has ( it was). My dad ended up helping me out and grabbing it for me. He saved 50$ more on top of it for the otd price of 270$ for opening a CC (STEAL!!!)
The only negative I have after my first cook was table space. You can get a cookie sheet size of whatever on the table and that's it. Start up was a breeze, it got up to temp in timeframe as stated for preseason and cook. It's very user friendly and it maintains temperature very well. It definitely throws smoke. My fuel was cowboy hardwood briquettes (1/4 hopper mixed with some chunks of apple, cherry, and peach.) I'm surprised how efficient it is with fuel. I still had good amount leftover from the 1/4 hopper I filled up. I threw 2 slabs of St. Louis style ribs with Meat church hot honey hog. I did the 2-2-1 method @ 225*. It was fall off the bone after I pulled it from the foil. I whipped up a honey, mustard (grey poupon) , apple cider vinegar, and garlic style "bbq sauce" and hit it every 10-15 min each side for the last hour. My dad gave us some bean salad to help with sides which was outstanding. Happy Sunday and excited for memorial day weekend after today's results 😎.


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Nice write up. I replaced my WSM, Performer, and griddle with the Gravity 800. I have had it almost a year and it has been great. I tried the Smokefire and did not like it as temps were all over the place and went out once and filled the bottom with pellets. I load the MB with charcoal and splits and it keeps temps great. I hardly ever use the griddle as I prefer the gasser for that, so maybe I should have gone for the 560. I do get nostalgic for my performer and WSM some times, but as I sit adjusting the temps on the MB from 225 - 475 to get some smoke and crispy skin while spinning a chicken while watching TV, I mostly get over it;-) It is actually the only grill I have ever bought brand new.