First Cook on 22.5 WSM


Greg C

TVWBB Member
I have used my 18.5 several times over the last two years.

I used the 22.5 WSM I got this spring. I did a smoke for a graduation party. 50 lbs pork. 4 lbs of beans, sauce, etc.

Things I noticed:

Used a little more charcoal, started minion with full lit chimney, (I did the empty water pan, foiled, with foil crumpled and then covered). It came up to temp in minutes and was easier to raise or lower than my 18.5. The next time I use my 18.5 I will use more in the chimney too. I may use a heat sink (some h2o or sand) for my next midnight cook.

When I first assembled I thought it was big. It is but man the elbow room is amazing. Nothing cramped, easier to get around and check things, and the two handled lid is a nice feature.

I am definitely glad I have options with the 22.5 and the 18.5 WSM's

Jim Baker

TVWBB Super Fan
It is an awesome toy, isn't it!