First cook off in two years, got a win!

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The East Montgomery County Fair Association had their cook off this year. It was unsanctioned of course, but it still went on with the head judges coming in to volunteer their efforts. Team count was down, from the usual 110 to 82 teams. Still, that is a lot of teams. The 2019 cook of was cancelled after Imelda flooded the fairgrounds the day before early move-in. It was nice to return to some bit of normalcy, even if it was just for a weekend. Hopefully we don't have any COVID cases from the event.

It's my eighth time participating (2012 was my first year) and it's also the only cook off I do. We managed to snag a ninth place finish in chicken and we won first place in the open category. I've taken fifth and fourth previously in chicken (back in 2013 and 2014), but this is my first time actually taking first place in a category. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting, even if it was the open category and not one of the big three.

I made Sweet and Spicy Bacon Poppers. Smoked pork belly, pineapple and jalapeno, wrapped in brown sugar coated bacon, seasoned with Sucklebusters No Sugar BBQ Rub and my homemade ground mixed chile pepper then glazed with Sucklebusters Honey BBQ Glaze. I cooked them on a Weber kettle with a chunk of hickory. They were outstanding and we felt we had a winner. A lady in the stands during awards said she was a judge for those and really liked them.

The chicken was brined overnight, seasoned with Sucklebusters Championship rub, a light dusting of the mixed chile powder and glazed with Honey BBQ sauce. That combo was what placed in the past, so I didn't change it much other than adding the mixed chile power for kick.


Sweet and Spicy Bacon Poppers




The Awards, with the Idol for the Buddha Belly BBQ team.
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