Finally got some pics!

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Phil Perrin

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Okay,so I got a picture of the butt at the 12 hour mark. I let it go another 4. It was just at the point of being overdone,but came out very nice and moist after a 2 hour rest.
Here is a shot of the spread. PP,brisket,beans,mac salad,cole slaw,grape salad and home made bbq sauce.
Finally,Pammi Sue made some cupcakes in ice cream cones! No paper needed! After much cajolling to get him to eat some dinner,my god son Jake finally got one! I think he was afraid I was gonna take it away!
All in all,a good turn out,although I had a buddy from work call today and was asking for directions. He was a little disappointed that the cookout was yesterday!
Oh well. I have just a few leftovers that are going to work tomorrow. I hope he gets some!
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