Finally got my WSM, but problems...


Robert Terry

Amazon finally deiivered my first WSM, a new 18" 'er. Got it thursday and opened it today to assemble. A couple issues and questions.

This is the charcoal grate I received. It appears to be the older design, not the stated improved design. Can you confirm this?


link to grate photo

I received only three of the supports for the grates, so I can't cook until they send me another. Bummer!

Also, the middle section does not sit firmly on the charcoal base. There is a bit of a wobble. Is this normal?
Robert, I think if you triangulate the supports you should be able to , but use caution when placing meat on the grate. Make sure the weight is more towards the supported side of the grate.
Sorry about that Robert, after reading what I wrote, that was a pretty dumb comment on my part. You won't have nay choice but to triangulate, but with the way they set up they really won't be "triangulated at all. You may want to find something that you can place underneath the section that is not supported.
one thing about it Robert, they have a tremendous customer service department and you will not have any trouble getting whatever you need to make your cooking experience a great one, so please do yourself a favor and make sure you call them an let them know what you are missing from the box and they will get it out to you quickly.
well they should get you a new support #1, stuff happens to us all
#2 I don't have a newer model but im safely and confidently assuming that they have a similar process in making these, your wobble condition was brought up in a thread somewhere I was reading a long while back, and someone referred to it as "wonky" not "out of round" but wonky... anyway thats when you set it upright on a flat surface and it doesn't contact the flat surface all the way around creating that wobble, not to mention along w/ the mid-section, the charcoal bowl could be the same way as well. I "suffer" from a minor "wonk" in mine but not to bad that I notice when assembled. Unfortunatly sounds like you noticed yours which means it may be a bit worse. I bet they'de get you another especially w/ the fact they shorted you supports also, someone may have had a bit of tiquila that day in the assembly line
. BUT, on the other hand I bet she would burn too from what i've read. Not everything is built like an ESP guitar! hehehehe!! (some folks aren't gonna like that) good luck my friend.
Oh and also keep in mind when deciding to return or not, that in the future you may not always want to use water in your pan when cooking (this saves a LOAD of fuel, etc.), meaning a "wonky" condition sounds like it could be a good condition for air leaks (im just not sure, i've not had prob's w/ air leaks myself but have read a lot about them many times). Perhaps enough to keep temps. high on you, but then again maybe not. You probably realize this and hope im not wasting your time but it takes very little air to keep things at 230-250 degrees w/ no water, empty pan, so even a smallish air leak could leave you frustrated and wishing you had a tighter unit. hope I helped at least a little cause ussually im no good fer nothin'! have a good one.
Ed, I'm sure Weber will make it right. I'll call them tomorrow or perhaps tuesday with the holiday. I'm a 20 year loyal weber fan!

Dan, I'm going to research the "wonky" thread. The lid is rock solid on a flat surface. The bottom of the center section is a little off, but not too bad. The bottom though, is really not flat at all. I would have thought it wuld be the center section myself. I'll read up to see the implications of the extra "air intake" created by this to see if it is a potential problem, and let customer service know if it is.

I am also curious to know if my charcoal grate is the new redesigned model or not...
What you have there is a grate just like the one I have in my "older" WSM. Sorry your having problems but I'm sure Weber will make it right.