Finally found a belly!

Geo S

So I've been making canadian bacon for awhile basically following Bob's tutorial, and it has turned out really well, but until recently, couldn't find a pork belly to play with. I was in Costco "here" last week and saw they finally had some belly but it pre sliced. I actually got the attention of one of the meat cutters and asked if they had a full belly, which they did in the back. I wasn't able to inspect them, but they brought out one a little over 7#, @ $2.75/#
Into the cure it went, only I don't use the Tenderquik, I make a similar mix using #1 instacure, then adding some brown sugar, and cracked black pepper . Slow smoked to 145 with hickory. Well!....To say it was great is an understatement, better and cheaper by far then store bought.
So if you've been sitting on the fence trying to decide to go for it,... just do it! ...and thanks Bob!