Favorite part


Chris W.

What was your favorite part of the engineering/design process behind the redesign? Was it the actual engineering/design process, the brainstorming new ideas, the testing (if any), seeing it come together on CAD drawings (if you guys did that), seeing the final, complete project, or something else altogether?

I ask because I work in the engineering field as an electrical CAD operator, and one of my favorite parts of the engineering process is designing the cable tray, so I thought I'd see what an engineer from a completely different field liked best.
Whelp.. that's hard to pinpoint, really. Like all designs, you gather info, lurk on bulletin boards, test ideas, make prototypes, tape and weld things. Seeing it from cradle to grave.

There are a few key parts i like in all engineering: Getting that soild models on the screen as the ideas begin to take shape. And then finally getting the REAL parts and putting them together for the first time