Favorite High Speed heavy duty blender?

SteveF (Alpine)

The vitamix is a great blender, but you should do some soul searching as to whether you really need that much blender. We have a vitamix and a cuisinart. The cuisinart will be more than enough for most. Except it won’t make hot soup:rolleyes:

Todd NC

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Bought a Vitamix at Costco. If I had to do it again I would have bought something less expensive. I've yet to make soup in a blender and I really don't want to make soup in a blender.

Dan Leighton

We've got a 1950's hamilton beach one head stand blender (original mint green, not a repro) with ss cups for shakes, etc. As a fall back an old Oster 10 speed blender that doesn't see much action.

Steve Petrone

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I ordered a Vitamix at Costco. The order had been saved before the sale expired but not submitted until after midnight. Order was 'processed' but I did not receive it. So I checked my confirmed order to find it had been cancelled. I was not notified. Thats not how to do business.
Miffed to say the least.

I have read about the Breville Fresh & Furious. That sounds like a reasonable option. I don't use a blender everyday...


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Call them. I had the same thing happen with Sam's. I ordered a freezer online for will call pick up. The day of pickup I get an email saying how much they appreciate my business and they have honored my request to cancel the order and my $$$ was refunded. I of course did no such thing so they got a phone call from me. Spoke to store manager. He apologized explaining it was a "glitch" in their system and was sent automatically if for some reason the order got "hung up". He promised me he would find me one and call me when it came in. I honestly didn't believe him but damn if he didn't not only come through but I payed $20 LESS!

Steve Petrone

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Considering past use, I will probably be happier with a smaller scale machine. You are correct, most mangers want to keep regular customers happy. Glad you got your freezer.

Yair Halamish

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We got a vitamix that we had for 6 years now, my wife uses it almost every day. We are very happy with it and I think that's the last blender that we'll ever need to buy.

Chuck G

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I have a Costco Vitamix, which is probably more blender than I need,
What convinced me to buy it Is the smoothie bar at my last job.
They ran them all day,every day.
When I asked about them, they said they never had a problem with them.
Never have had any problems with mine, either


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I cannot imagine what to do with a blender on a daily basis. (yeah I get smoothies but not for this big fine body). Our daughter's Ambiano (Aldi) Vitamix clone is here and honestly untouched. Except when she made/makes a smoothie or Swedish Pancake batter