Faux cambro idea

Monty House

Saw these at the store today and bought two (mainly for brisket packers that I pull and want to keep hot). They're called Coleman Party Stackers. They're intended for a case of soda/beer cans, but they looked about perfect for whole briskets. Put a 9 lb. bone-in butt in there today--triple wrapped in foil and two kids' beach towels (with a third to take up dead airspace), and it appeared to work out.

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They make a taller version with the same base dimensions. They also make a rolling cooler that you can stack those on.

The size is great, but I have had a few issues.

1. I got 3 of the larger ones and the rolling cooler as gifts. 2 of the stackers would not stack because the lip on the bottom was deformed. The vendor from amazon sent me another one, didn't work, and then coleman sent me 2 more. Of the 6 I now have 3 stack properly. If possible buy at a store where you can stack them to make sure they are going to work.

2. The lids don't snap in tight so I can't leave them in the back of my truck. Bungee cord or rope fixes that.

3. After using them for a couple years a couple of them have started to separate.

Mike Freel

These look like a good, cost effective sub for the cambro. I often use the styrofoam coolers that Omaha Steak ships their meat in. They come in various sizes, depending on the meat package you purchase. Best of all they are kind of free, I realize they build the cost into the price of the meat. Also when they get damaged or dirty I simply get rid of them.