Everything you know about bbq is wrong

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j biesinger

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I noticed this statement is made on the cover of your book.

After fumbling a bit with the wsm before finding this site, I've discovered that this statement is true in many ways. Now that I'm more informed I find people/authors everywhere repeating factually incorrect information and justifying their methods with it.

Can you give an example of how you book addresses this statement?

Can you give some examples of bad information that, in your experience, leads new cooks astray?

Interesting question. My methodology is to keep the learning experience as simple as possible, to that effect I've found that the general emphasis on magic rubs, sauces, absolute time, temp and various high tech equipment detract from the learning experience. Each of the 5-lessons slightly increase in difficulty, building on each step as one moves through the program.

Low and Slow is a Forest for the Trees teaching method, people see the 5-lessons as learning to cook chicken, ribs and pork shoulder - The Trees. What one is actually learning is basics of fire control, smoke preference, 5-senses clues as to when various meats are ready and overall confidence in their ability to produce Low and Slow BBQ - The Forest.

Ok, I got your drift.

When I started out, I was chasing low and slow (<220*) and cooked ribs forever and never got them done. It wasn't until I realized hotter isn't the end of the world. I think the best lesson I learned was to cook meats hotter, and find out what it takes to get them to tender, then decide if lower temps are in my best interest.

I believe your site was the reason I decided to purchase a wsm. I was totally green and figured the wsm was the way to go because of the wealth of information directly pertaining to it that was available on sites like yours. So thanks, I couldn't be happier cooking with wsm's.
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