Enhanced Meat vs. Natural


Ben S.

TVWBB Member
So far I have only tried enhanced pork butt because it's all I could find. I'm going to make a trip to Sam's Club to see what's available there. The enhanced meat came out very good, tender and tasty, but I'm wondering just what enhancing of the meat does (good or bad) in the long, slow cooking process we use.

Enhanced meat is something we all might as well get used to, because it's selling well. I don't think most consumers even know about it. I also think it keeps some overcooked chicken breasts and pork loins from getting all dried out so some of them probably like it.
I do try to avoid it, but non enhanced chicken is getting real hard to find.
Sam's has not gone to enhanced pork or beef yet. Hopefully they won't.
The only real problem for bbqers is that sometimes it's pretty salty. If you have to cook it, back off on the salt in your rub. You can always add some at the end if you need to.