Ed Reilly's Weber Collection WOW

OK, here are pics of my latest find.
I haven't cleaned it yet. It won't take much at all. The cart is in great shape with only minimal rust. I don't think I will try to repaint it. Just take some steel wool to the rust spots and remove what look like some latex paint. I did polish the top vent. It was corroded and I couldn't read it.
Any thoughts as to what I should do with it?
I think it would be cool with a colred kettle with a OTG ash pan set up.
Based on the Patent Date and lack of Date Code Stamp, I am estimating it was made between 1971 and 1978.
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Oh, I'm not trying to sell it, why what's your offer? Lol..
Don't really know yet.. I will clean it and look for a nice colored 18' OTG that will complement it. Maybe find a nice cutting board to put on it.
Maybe someday my daughter will get a place of her own and put it in her yard..

How much you offering again? Lol..
Originally posted by Lawrence M.:
Hi Folks,

I am helping Ed Reilly post pics of his collection. He posting in the trading post today about his 1880, and the rarity doesn't stop there! He has the 1880, Garden Kettle, Teal 4 leg SJ, Simpsons SJ, amongst others. Great collection, Ed!

Ed, please tell us more about this picture! I bet you would never find anyone at a bbq show in a suit nowadays!


Is that an early version of a Ranch Kettle in the lower left hand corner? I just noticed the metal lid handle upon further observation.
That's exactly the Ranch I am looking for. The one in the picture looks more like a 26'r to me though. Because the lid looks flat. Is that Ranch yours Lawrence?
Good eye, Shaun. It is possible that lid is flat like the original bouy kettle. The ranch kettle above is from the 70's but I am not sure when they started making it.

My ranch is the modern style.
Hi Folks,

I just got the scans from Ed. Thanks Buddy! There is a catalog from '64, '72, and '73.

I uploaded these to Dropbox with Ed's permission. Please do not repost them without his consent!

If you would like to sign up, you can do so here: it is super useful for sharing files and the interface is very easy!

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Here are the links:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/839805...nned%20Brochures.pdf This is all the scans in one file.

I am still going through them but here are some notes:

Handles used to be made of Walnut.
The Weber fireplace bbq is sweet!
There are 2 imperial sequiao's- a red version called "The Cardinal"
The work table has a wire rack accessory underneath.
The Steak charcoal ring is pretty cool!
Ed says the main man on the catalog is George Stephen himself. The other folks are family members or employees. He can get the names of the other folks if there is any interest.

W-O-W!! That was AWESOME!!
Thanks for posting! Learned a lot from those pics/brochures. Didn't know that the Galley Que was redesigned to look more like an 18.5 kettle later on. Looking at the '60s era pics, it makes me want to restore my 18.5 Easterner's original leg kit. They referred to red as "Hunter's Pink"..
I want that steak ring and in the worst way!
Thanks a lot Ed & Lawrence!

I am really enjoying these. I never new they made and 18.5 Galley-Que. Those fireplace bbq's are really special as well.
Awesome pictures, I have had a hell of a time with the dropbox deal, but I finally got them. I don't know if it's my computer, but it was even giving my work computer a fit. Anyhow, thye are awesome,

Yellow kettles must have been an off and on thing for Weber in the 1960s and 70s. Didnt the '65 Ranger come in yellow? They show yellow as being "new" for '73. Plus I thought someone on here put up a '62 catalog that debuted the "Fleetwood" 26'er and it featured a yellow metal lid handle kettle? Again this is pure observation...not ranting. I have been looking through these several times to the point that my wife makes fun of me and says "again!?"