Ed Reilly's Weber Collection WOW

Originally posted by Shaun R:
I had forgotten Ed and I crossed paths a month or so ago, but I had forgotten his name. Glad you made it Ed! I will give you a call soon.

Cool, where did you guys meet?

Here are more pics of the "vintage platinum." I came up with that, it's not the original name btw. Ed says it looks like an authentic Weber product with original black paint. He also says the wheels are similar to a imperial sequoia and that this is the second one he has seen.


No date stamp, but it has the patent on it and Arlington Heights, IL.
I had a vintage weber with table for sale and he contacted me about it. We exchanged a few emails and spoke briefly. He's a good guy and genuinly loves webers. I plan to give him a call soon.
Thanks for the kind words about the collection.

I'm a manufacturer rep for Weber in Atlanta, GA. I began collecting old Weber's about six years ago and wish I knew about TVWBB sooner. This is personal hobby, not a Weber Corp sponsored activity.

Originally it was for a project for the Atlanta History Center, they wanted to do an exhibit called BBQ nation but that has been postponed till 2015. So I have been personally collecting vintage BBQ items with the desire to preserve and promote BBQ history.

I am glad to find other people with similar interests and think TVWBB is a great resource. Your "family" pictures are fantastic and have motivated me to post some too.

Welcome Ed, It's always nice to find people with common interests, even if they are strange, and it looks like you will be quite comfortable around here.
I'm willing to bet you will expand your collection with all kinds of good vintage finds. I do want to ask you to please post those old catalogs you have, I am drooling waiting to see those. I really love seeing all the old accessories and items out of those catalogs. Plus they serve as some sort of historical record for Weber. They history of Weber is somewhat incomplete. Only maniacs like the people around here care, so those catalogs can really help figuring out when some of the options and colors came out. So I am making a plee to you, to see those. I am so excited.

Again welcome, and I can't wait to see what else you have and what you can find in the future,

I too say Welcome!! To Brian's point, we are maniacs when it comes to our grills and our passion. So theres never such a thing as "too much information" when it comes to Weber. Seeing the catalogs would be a treat indeed!

I have the catalogs scanned to a flash drive. I was told it rather large and emailing it would be a issue. DropBox might be an option, I will work on it tonight.

I also have catalogs from 1996-2012 if they would be of interest. Not much has changed with the kettles over that time period, but lots of good info on gas and accessories.

Let me know, Ed
Any and all catalogs are very very welcome. Maybe you can ask Chris the moderator of this board what would be the best. Someone has posted a catalog on here from the 70's and you have to go to some site and download it. Maybe you could just load it on a image shack type site and just put a link so people could view the pics, if they want. I'm sure many people have better ideas on what to do...and I'm still drooling

i'd be happy to host the ultra high resolution files on my webserver.

btw. that 18" green seriously melted my heart.
i would trade all my vintage kettles for that.
OK, so I picked this up today.
Very similiar ot he "Vintage Platinum" that Ed posted.
Except the vent on mine doesn't say Bar B Kettle, it says WEBER with a pat pending # below it.
The bowl and lid are definitely made by Weber, so the cart has to be a Webber. I'll post some more pics as time allows.
Very nice AJ, nice to see you woke up. THat grill must be from that cart. It has no leg sockets. I wonder what they expected you to do about the ashes? Did they just fall on the ground? One way or another thats an awesome find. Are you gonna cook on it or is it gonna be a show piece?

My intent is to make it a cooker.. A nice one!
I was thinking I could put an 18" gold in it.
There are no tabs, the bowl just sits in it.

In other pics I've seen of that type of Weber cart there was a bowl to catch the ashes that just sat on the bottom shelf. Also, a wooden cutting board fit into the section next to the grill.

You got a great find there, AJ, and at a great price.

I've seen the ones with the hole in the tables, I didn't know that a cutting board sat in there. I guess it makes sense though. I'd love to get one of those and put in a cutting board.

I know they used to put the bottom vent away from the bottom so the ashes would judt collect and stay confined in the bottom of the bowl. Not sure about this model, but the original 1952 was designed that way. They may have just layed a pan on the bottom of this one.
Hi Brian, the catalogs are in transit via snail mail. I will post them as soon as I get them. Ill ask Ed if he has a catalog pic of the vintage platinum. Maybe we can find its real name. Lawrence