Dougherty's Wings

Jeff, walkerswood is imported from Jamaica. If you live in a bigger city, go to a Carribean foods store and they should have it. I do not know what santa maria seasonong is either but I just used some left over bbq rub and dusted them a few hours before and let them sit on a wire rack in the fridge so they get dries and cook crispier. The mop sauce IMO is the star is this recipe!
Justin, I concur, and I really have no answer for that.

Maybe Tim measures temp at the grate, not at the kettle lid vent like most of us? I have no idea, but was more focused on the technique than specifics of the chimney. I'll just bank some K and light the top with my torch, anyway.
Interesting, may have to give it a try sometime.

I think this would get you a lot hotter than 275-300* though.

"Place a heaping full chimney 75% engaged charcoal on one side of the cooker."
I cook my wings indirect in a similar fashion, then crisp/brown them over the coals when done.

I highly recommend brining them before cooking. They cook up much more plump and juicy.

A good wing sauce is Sriracha, lime juice, melted butter, and cilantro. Stole it from iron chef Michael Symon.
Thanks I don't think I would use a Frank's/buffalo finish I'd like to check the flavor of the recipe it sounds great. Maybe micro-plane a tiny bit of habanero in the mop? I like the kick also..habanero is pretty close to scotch bonnet no?
Originally posted by jeff davidson:
thanks for the santa maria recipe, I have a batch of wings on the kettle now, couple of questions:

- the original recipe says the seasoning is santa maria and old bay. Is that a rub? Or is it applied after the wings come off? <span class="ev_code_RED">No, it's just the seasoning blend that you use before grilling.</span>

- How thick was the mopping sauce? Ours is pretty thin perhaps because we used a different jerk seasoning (grace instead of walkers...I did find some good reviews for grace and it has a picture of the jamaican jerk center on the label). <span class="ev_code_RED">My mop ended up thin as well, but that's ok. It's supposed to be.</span>

- also, I've been breaking down the stack, mopping both sides of each wing and then building the stack. I'm thinking that might not be right as it says to re-stack and mop?
<span class="ev_code_RED">That's why the thin mop is the ticket. The thin mop will soak into the entire stack AFTER restacking. Be liberal with the mop, but don't take too much time playing with the stack. Get the lid back on fast so they'll keep cooking. You're taking up too much time if you're trying to mop all the wings individually, and losing valuable heat as well.</span>
where did you find Walkers Wood Wet Jerk Seasoning? what would be a good substitute? also, the recipe calls for santa maria seasoning and old bay but it doesn't talk about when or how much?
Dave, thanks for your formula for Santa Maria-Style Rub. It sounds great with chicken.

Also, many people swear by SUSIE Q'S SANTA MARIA-STYLE SEASONING for their tri-tips. They offer a sample size.

Kevin Kruger contributed an excellent rendition, but the thread has disappeared from the forums.

I just finished eating these wings. They were to die for! The pork was good too! The only thing I will do different next time is marinade the wings over night in the paste to make them even hotter! That beer, brown sugar and jerk paste makes a great mop for these.
They were great. Piling up the wings on one side of the kettle is a great way to cook a bunch of wings, and I counted 27. Before basting, you just tear the stack down every half an hour and re-pile, based on the level of browning you see. My temps/times were as stated in the recipe, and I temped at the grate since the lid came off every half hour.

Not as spicy as I'd liked, but very good, and everyone loved 'em. Wouldn't change this recipe any but maybe try a jerk marinade or add more jerk seasoning to the baste. The beer and brown sugar seems to work really nice with the jerk seasoning, so why not just jerk it up some more?
They are bout halfway done right now. I sampled my baste sauce and it was HOT! I only put 4 habenaros in the jerk sauce. I know that after cooking there is no guarantee of desired hotness however. It is windy and cold in Mich right now, so Im running the WSM wide open and can only get about 250 degrees so I might finish the wings right on the charcoal direct! I can't wait to try em!
Since both are used in jerk seasoning, I'd guess that would be fine. Not brave enough to compare one to the other straight up, though.
Dean, guess I should've made a point that while the wings are really good, the jerk is very subtle and the wings are really quite mild.

Don't know why you couldn't mix up some hotsauce and butter to sop your wings in right after grilling, though. I'd dip one in to get a taste first, but I really don't think the flavors will clash. Might try just a basic 1/2cup of Franks with a couple tablespoons of unsalted butter. Wish I would've tried that when I grilled 'em last week, but I thought they'd have at least a little kick from the jerk seasoning paste in the baste. Guess you could double up on it as well.
One other thing. I've never noticed any real smoke flavor from charcoal alone before, but boy did I get it this time...maybe since it was a moderate temp cook, partially lit, and poultry.

NOT TOO MUCH smoke flavor, but it was definately there, and the pink color inside the wings was telling as well. I torched one chimney's worth that was stacked in a thick even layer on about 1/3 of the charcoal grate and waited until the smoke dissapated (300* at the grate) before stacking the wings.
I live in Michigan and it is 40 degrees and raining. Np, I am making these wings as we speak. My wife don't care for spicy food, as I just love it! I got hooked on "jerk" while on vaca in Jamaica. I can not find walkers wood in Muskegon but Grand Rapids has it and I will grab a couple of jars next time I am there. I will post something if these turn out. I also have some boneless country style pork ribs marinading in jerk paste!
I have not tried that but one something like that. The one i tried was on you tube and by the BBQ boys. You know the videos with old timer voices that never show there faces in the vids? Anyway they put the wings on the wsm and cook indect in a pile . They also pile bacon and cheese on them. It sound like a heart attack waiting and it is worth it!
Yep. Used hot and spicy. Going by the recipe there's just not enough to make 'em hot. You could go ahead and marinate 'em in the paste just like folks typically do with jerk chicken, or use a hot sauce slather at the end ala buffalo. Then you've got two totally different recipes, but either way, the jerked up beer/b. sugar mop is gonna be the ticket for great flavor. Heat will be just icing on the cake.
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