Dinosaur BBQ Garlic Dill Pickles

I'm down to my last 4-5 slices of this first-time pickle test :( . I especially like them with roast beef sandwiches (naturally, the beef was eye of round smoked and deli-sliced). What a combo :D

Thanks for the idea John. Too bad the previous 3 jars of juice didn't get saved :(
I'm also thinking it would make a wicked marinade for pork, but maybe I'm getting carried away ;)

Smoked a pork loin last night -- not good enough for the throwdown but combined with this pickle thread was enough to get me thinking about cuban sandwiches again...
I just started a batch of these.... threw in 3 habaneros, 3 jalapenos, 3 carrots, otherwise it's just like the recipe calls for.....oh yeah.....I used apple cider 'flavored' vinegar. hope that wasn't a mistake.
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the dinosaur bbq book was in our local library, as it should have been (they just opened a location in buffalo). looks like a good read. thanks for the steer!
Clint, how did they taste with the A.C.V.??

It's a lot more expensive though than just regular vinegar.
It's OK, I haven't really liked them all that much so far. I sliced them a little too thin maybe. I'll give them another shot & see if they've gotten any better.
Sorry BUT it's pickle time again. Just made another 4 lb batch (remember, the recipe as provided is enough for 3 lb IMO based on two batches so far so judge accordingly).

Cooling as I type 😁