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Barb and I shop about once a week. We also take advantage of sales especially with meat and non perishables. Between the fridge in the house we also have a fridge in the garage along with a large vertical freezer. All of them are completely full. We also have a large pantry in the garage that we store can goods and other things that don't have to be chilled or frozen.
I try to avoid going to often as our area needs a couple more grocery stores and the stores are very busy all day long.
One thing we do is every week we sit down and plan out a menu for the up coming week. We verify that we have everything for each meal and only buy the things we don't have. We've been doing this for years and it does save a lot of money.


Sure does save money and diets. Smart. Right idea. I propose itt several times a year but out-voted. One to one. Wish I had the control to do the same. We do stock up when cans are on sale.
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I got a big order delivered today from Costco. It's going to be angus burgers a bit later. Tomorrow I have a rack of beef back "dino" ribs that Safeway thought to substitute for baby back ribs. lol. I have some new rub to try on those. Trying to get back to some sense of normality around here. :)

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I've been craving some ribs, so today is the day. I'm doing a 2x2x30 method at 265 degrees as set on the controller. I just wrapped them with some dry rub, BBQ sauce, apple juice, butter and honey.

Two more hours and I'll unwrap them to see how they look. If the bones have good pullback then I'll lightly season with a bit more dry rub and put some sauce to set for 30 or so minutes.

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I really want a covered grilling area! The weather has been,,, well you know exactly what my weather is..:(
Yeah. I had a 17x40' patio cover installed about seven years ago with three skylight strips, two fans, two track lights and three lantern lights. Everything is configured with Philips Hue bulbs so I can set the colors and brightness however I like. I installed mini-track lights 4' back from the wall on the house so that I could aim them into my cooking equipment. It's worked pretty well for me from a cooking standpoint. I wish at times it was enclosed though.

I've got 1.55" of rain in Elk Grove since midnight. This is the most rain of the year in a single day since Feb of 2019 when I got over 2" in a single day. Pretty potent storm for April considering our dry winter.