Date on Gas Go Anywhere


Jepprey P

None that I'm aware of.

I checked my 2000-2011-ish and 2012-2014-ish gas Go Anywhere grills, and could not find any identifying marks other than machined numbers ("2D-0402" and "4D-0202") and dye/ink-stamped numbers on the regulator assembly ("020909" and "121811").

I think you can roughly track the gas Go Anywhere by periods of its product changes, being:

- 1981
- 1982-1999
- 2000-2011
- 2012-2013
- 2014-present


If the wood handle has two rivets, it's a 1981.

If the wood handle has a single screw, it is anywhere from 1982-1999.

Glass-reinforced nylon handles (off-white in color?) were introduced in 2000.

In 2012, the Go Anywhere received dark grey nylon handles.

In 2014, the cooking grate and flavorizer bar combo was replaced by a porcelain-enameled steel cooking surface that integrated burner tube protection into the cooking surface.

2014 also saw a change to the lid vents, moving from a single vent spanning most of the length on each side of the lid, to two smaller vents on each side of the lid.

Also added to the legs in 2014 was a small clip to attach to one folding leg to the other, "locking" the legs into the deployed position.

I sourced information from the WKC ( and

Brenda T

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Thanks Jepprey! I appreciate all the info.
I'm guessing this one will fall in the "1982-1999" range.
Thanks again for providing the history. 😀