Danny Gaulden's General Purpose Dry Rub

Chris Allingham

Staff member
This rub recipe comes from Danny's Barbecue at www.dannysbbq.com. Danny has a very nice Web site with some good information about woods, meats, recipes, and his restaurant in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Check it out when you have a chance.
<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>3/4 cup paprika
<LI>1/4 cup black pepper
<LI>1/4 cup salt
<LI>1/4 cup sugar
<LI>2 tablespoons chili powder
<LI>2 tablespoons garlic powder
<LI>2 tablespoons onion powder
<LI>1 tablespoon cayenne pepper[/list]
Combine ingredients and mix thoroughly. Rub meat generously and refrigerate overnight before cooking.


I realize that this post is 19 years old. I'm using this to make my first set of ribs on the WSM.

FYI - Danny's Barbecue appears to be offline. That's too bad. Will report back later on how the recipe came out.


This recipe was a hit! Of course I have nothing to compare it with since it was my first cook. I kept the salt separate. Applied the salt to taste to the ribs first. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then applied this rub. Smoked two racks of St Louis style ribs in my 18” for 7 hours until the ribs were about 192.

Came out great!