Dale's Apple Pie Shots

Bryan S

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Originally posted by Kyle H.:
What in the world did you guys make this in? I don't have anything close to being able to hold 128 ounces...

EDIT: Yeah, I think a half batch is the way to go for me!
Kyle, a 1 gallon glass jar would work fine for you. I keep several around for Red Beet eggs. Ask around at some local Grocery stores for them. They get alot of the salad bar items in the 1 gallon glass jars. HTH

Frank S

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I just start a batch this afternoon. In Florida, the closest thing that I could get to moonshine was 153 proof Everclear. That should do the job. I'm really looking forward to this stuff. I have a couple of friends who went to a Superbowl party in GA earlier this year and came back raving about some moonshine they had that tasted just like apple pie. I've been looking for a recipe ever since.

Kyle H.

Well my batch was a hit and thoroughly annihilated. I couldn't believe it was all gone. I figured I would have this through the holidays. I couldn't find apple pie spice either, I just used a few pinches of the ingredients listed a few posts up... minus the oil of cinnamon (I've never even heard of that ingredient).

We topped each shot with some whipped cream and a pinch of freshly grated cinnamon. Awesome stuff.

Bryan S

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Originally posted by JimH:
I've wandered the spice isle of many a store and have yet to find "Apple Pie" spice pre-mixed.
I've seen the McCormick brand here in PA. Penzey's has it also.

Dale Perry

I looked around my town at a few locations and it must be a regional thing. Apple Pie spice is very common around these parts.
Of course so is shine!

Kyle, I like the idea of the whipped cream. I have to ask, didnt that drink make everyone real happy?

David Payne

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Instead of the 5 cinnamon sticks, what would be the equivalent of cinnamon powder? Would this work? When I made my first batch, the cinnamon sticks did not disolve totally. I started another batch the other day and the cinnamon stick debris bothers me ...... lol

Bryan S

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Originally posted by David Payne:
Instead of the 5 cinnamon sticks, what would be the equivalent of cinnamon powder? Would this work? When I made my first batch, the cinnamon sticks did not disolve totally. I started another batch the other day and the cinnamon stick debris bothers me ...... lol
David, Cinnamon sticks don't dissolve. Even if using cinnamon powder, it doesn't dissolve. Think of grinding pepper from pepper corns. If left whole, they add pepper flavor over a period of time, like when used in making stocks, you put whole pepper corns in the pot. Then when you grind pepper corns, that's done for quick pepper flavor. HTH

Another Bob B

Hi Dale - 190 proof Everclear is also illegal in Washington so today I drove down to Astoria Oregon and picked up three fifths. Thanks so much for the recipe. I'm only sorry it won't be done in time for Thanksgiving as I'm having a group over. However; if they come back around Christmas I'll be sending them all home after a toast to you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Bob

Ron... L.

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I made a batch with 100 proof vodka (as noted upthread) and it came out most excellent. It was ready to drink after a few days, although it did get even better after several weeks in the fridge.

I made a half recipe (1 1/2 quarts apple juice and a 750 ml bottle of vodka) and it really tastes nice and smooth and is a big hit.

Thanks for the recipe.


Derek L.

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I got curious this morning and opened one of the jars ( I broke the 2 gallons down to 8 (1) quart mason jars). This stuff smells just like an apple pie.

I gave a jar away and told them not to open until Xmas morn. Sip a little and watch the kids open presents....you'll be more happy than they are...


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These are good. For Christmas a friend of mine gave me their version of an apple pie shooter. Infuse some vodka with a cinnamon stick (or more depending on how strong you want it) and then a separate thing of vodka with a vanilla bean (or more) sliced open. Once they are infused good, mix equal parts of the two vodkas and Martinelli's apple cider. It's more of a shooter, but tasted just like apple pie. Another shot I learned about over Christmas was a chocolate cake shot: equal parts of a hazelnut liqueur (like Frangelico) and citron vodka (Absolute Citron).

Ron G.

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For the cinnamon - I wonder what would happen if you substituted one or more of the following:

-Red-hot candies (the little red dots or hearts that some use on cookies around the holidays / Valentine's)

-Atomic Fireball jawbreakers - they would dissolve and give a little hot-cinnamon "kick".

(Either would add a little red / pink color.)

Just thinkin' out loud...


Brad W

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I've not tried this recipe yet but did the one Bryan had linked to earlier in the thread. Made it in a 4L fermentor I use for mead, did a triple batch except for the cinnamon sticks which I kept at two. Shook daily for a week and strained through cheesecloth. Turned out really, really good. Will be trying this recipe next to compare.

Derek L.

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I'm starting a new batch to be ready for Memorial Day Weekend.....good times...

This stuff is such a hit when I show up with a quart.