CyberQ WiFi, Android And Adhoc Mode

Bob Mann

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I got a BBQGuru CyberQ WiFi for Christmas.

I tried connecting to it in the adhoc mode first, which is supposed to be the simplest way.

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is an Android device. Apparently, Android devices do not support the adhoc mode.

It took me several hours of playing around, surfing the web for help and frustration to learn this fact. After I abandoned the adhoc mode, I was able to get the CyberQ working in the infrastructure mode within 1/2 hour.

This is not a failure of the CyberQ WiFi, but a lack of adhoc support by the Android device. Apparently devices that support adhoc, connect right up to the CyberQ.

If you are using any wireless device, and don't see "my CyberQ WiFi" in your connection list, abandon the adhoc mode and move on to setting it up in the infrastructure mode.

I have since done a full, manual configuration of the CyberQ WiFi and everything, including access from the internet, works fine.

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Dwain Pannell

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Interesting discovery Bob. Hope you enjoy your new toy. Tell us about your experiences with it when you get some cooks under your belt.


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Hello bob, very interested to see your reviews on the cyber q. I'm torn between it and a stoker. I also have n iPhone and iPad that I would like to use with a bbq monitor. Thank you, freddy.