Cooking a tri tip like a brisket

Bob Correll

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In your Charcoal Grilling book the Dueling Bubbas give out their Grand Tri Tip recipe and method of cooking one like a brisket.
I've followed as closely as possible using my WSM. Problem is, when I post those cooks some tri tip aficionados act like I've insulted their sister. :)
I've cooked many a tri tip the "standard way" and we love it, but we also really like it cooked more like a brisket on occasions.
Have you made one this way, and your thoughts if you have?

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Jamie Purviance

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Bob. I haven't tried that recipe from the Dueling Bubbas for years, but I sure am glad you like it. Shouldn't that be enough? I'm not sure what anyone would give you a hard time to making something you enjoy. No harm done, right? Keep on going your thing. You have inspired me to reach back into the archives and try that tri tip recipe low and slow. Thanks.