Comp Brisket Question


Bill Elwell

I view a lot of videos on YouTube...interesting "world". I recently saw a couple from AllThingsBBQ on Competition Brisket that started me wondering (I hate when that usually ends up costing me something).

In it, Chef Thomas, separated the point from the flat (horizontally) PRIOR to smoking. I've never seen this on any of the BBQ Comp shows, so it came as a surprise.

I have cut the flat from the point (vertical cut across the middle) prior to smoking since they cook at different temps, and I'm alright with that.

But I guess, my real question is: Does anyone do this "competition surgery" at home? I can see a benefit since it eliminates a lot of the (unwanted) fat and ends up being only 1 layer of meat (versus 2).

I'm more than willing to read anyone comments on this technique. If this has already been discussed in the past a link would be useful too.

Color me curious.

I cooked a competition with a team that did just that. Flat and point were prepared and cooked separately. Flat was pre-sized, if you will, for a 9x9 box, while the point was destine to become burnt ends. All of the surgery was completed before arriving at the competition a day before (actually arriving 2 days before, but that's another story...)
Thanks for the reply, Bob. I have 2 briskets in the freezer and I was wondering how I should prep it/them when the time comes. Without a restriction of a 9X I'll probably "do as I know" to eliminate and surprises. Besides, I need to time to order the pink paper...