Clay Saucer Convert


Pat Smith

TVWBB Wizard
I bought a terra cotta saucer (flower pot base) at Lowes to replace the water pan in my WSM and on Sunday, I tried it out for the first time. I foiled the saucer and used it instead of the water pan for a 6+ hour beef rib smoke.

I'm sold. The temps seemed (to me) to hold better, I didn't worry about checking the water pan or adding water and after dinner, when the smoker had cooled down, I just peeled off the foil (and the rendered beef fat that had congealed). Clean up was even easier than with with a foiled water pan.

So, at least until I try something else, I'm a clay saucer convert.

What size saucer did you get?

I am getting rid of the water pan in my new 18.5". It is just too deep and touches the charcoal when I use a full ring.
T - you will want a 14" (may also be labeled 36 which is metric conversion in cm.). I converted some time ago, can't beat the ease of clean up and the rock solid temps. I fill mine with sand for even more thermal mass.
Welcome to the clay saucer club! Whoever thought this up is a genius in my book! I've been using it since my 2nd or third cook and can't even imaging going back to water.
I use a red clay saucer filed with sand, placed in the empty water pan and hold +/- 2º for 12-16 hours.
Maybe I’m making it too complicated, but I'm not changing it, it works too well.
My saucer may be "too big" - I think it is 16" - but it sits on the water pan brackets in the WSM and there is about an inch + of clearance all around the saucer.

I agree with Larry - whomever came up with this idea in BBQ Mensa.