Chuck steak 🥩 and simple salad and vino 🍷


Richard S

Very easy and inexpensive dinner tonight. Got this steak for $6 and just did a simple romaine with red onion and some olive oil and red wine vinegar.
Coated the steak with olive oil and Worcestershire for about an hour then put a rub on. IMG_3083.jpegWent high/high/high on Gold B with a bunch of flips to get it to about 145. Opened one of my favorite bottles of TJ’s Italian reds…IMG_3084.jpegIMG_3085.jpegCheers!
Sure looks delicious and by the shape of that chuck steak it was one cut right next to the prime rib , i'll bet that was some tasty steak, For a $6.00 steak your eating like a king 👑.