Chicken Skin

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Classes

Charles Howse

TVWBB Wizard
Hi Harry,
I was wondering what competition judges look for in chicken skin.
Do they (in general) prefer it crisp? That's hard to do on a WSM without taking it apart and using the bottom section like a grill.
How do you finish your chicken so the skin comes out the way you want it?
CBJs are looking and testing for bite-through skin. It's hard to do crispy skin unless you roast your chicken at 350. CBJs aren't really expecting crisp skin. They must get bite-through if they are to give you high points. I've had good success cooking at 275 degrees and using organic air-dried fresh chicken that has thin skin.
Harry, I noticed that you mostly cook bone in chicken thighs and some times wings. Since you cook your chicken at 275, what it your approximate cooking time?

Thank you!