Chicken and Dumplings on the Instant Pot, again!


Robert McGee

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This evening, my wife, Marilyn, again did Chicken and Dumplings in the Instant Pot. This cook takes less than an hour after a bit of prep, The results are flat out "Over the Top"! It was again a COLD day with wind chills in the teens over night and mixed snow and rain, etc. Just the thing to encourage us to cook inside.

I am still using the same recipe (it is a DANDY):

The author, Coco Morante, on this updated version, uses Cake Flour instead of All Purpose flour for the dumplings. We follow the recipe exactly -there is no need
to deviate (IMO) but she does suggest an alternative, regarding the use of heavy cream (we use it) in the sauce. Let us know what YOUR opinion is of this great dish!

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Dale53 :wsm:
That looks good and simple.

There are biscuit-style dumplings like in that recipe, and thin/flat noodle-style dumplings. We grew up on the noodle-style. My wife did a Paula Dean recipe of them recently, and it was quite good.

With this cold weather hitting the country this week, it's a good time for everyone to crank out a pot of their favorite chicken and dumplings recipe.

John K BBQ

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I've been doing a lot of chicken and noodles this winter - I buy the "amish" style noodles from the grocery store, but I need to step up my game and make dumplins like a real man some day. ;) This recipe looks good, maybe I'll have a whack at it.

One of the things I like about this recipe is that it includes raw chicken. There are a lot of recipes that direct people to use store bought rotisserie chickens and use that meat. While tempting especially on a week night, I recommend against it. The flavors are off, and there are a lot of preservatives in the the store bought rotisserie chickens.

Robert McGee

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My wife and I run the Instant Pot together. She does most of the work, and I run the Instant Pot. One suggestion I will make regarding this recipe:
Using readily available "skinless, boneless, chicken thighs" we save a good bit of work, I believe that dark meat enhances the flavor as compared to breasts that others might want to use. Boning out boned in chicken thighs with skin takes a good bit more time to pre-pare.

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