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Kyle in Woodstock

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Hi guys,
I joined this forum years ago, took a long break from being a grill owner, but got back in the game a few years ago.

Currently I have a Q200 that is a 2008 model that I bought about 4 years ago. That's my go-to grill since most the time I'm cooking for just the wife and myself. We have two daughters, 2 & 4, but they aren't into grilled foods yet. Actually don't have a picture of it, but it's the stock boring color with the black rolling stand. No issues at all with any paint and mechanically it's great. I just clean it every year by using shop vac to get all the junk out from around the burners and using a paperclip to clean out the small holes in the burner tubes.

Also have an older stainless steel Performer with the black bowl/lid. It's the "O" model year from the 90s. My wife's dad bought a brand new Performer and passed this one along to me. It has a few holes worn in the bowl. Probably from being uncovered for a number of years. It still cooks great. I often do the low and slow pork butt smokes. Just yesterday for Christmas did a 3 hour indirect prime rib on it and everyone thought it was amazing. I plan on replacing the bowl one day soon. I actually have a separate thread/post on that in the charcoal sub-forum.

And the last and most recent member of the family is a Weber Genesis E-310 in the smoke color. I'm currently doing a total rebuild on it and have detailed it on a post in the gas grill forum. I think I initially paid too much for it, $100 but did come with two propane tanks. Needs a lot of work, but am excited to get it painted and put back together. Found a brand new rotisserie for it for $30 and really want to get that baby in action.

I live over in Woodstock, GA and was born and raised in the metro Atlanta area. Graduated from Auburn University. Grills and grilling are one of my big hobbies along with landscaping. I also have a older truck that I enjoy working on.

Lew Newby

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Welcome aboard Kyle. I have a 1999 Performer and I hope it lasts forever. Lots of good folks and good info here. Enjoy.