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Dave Ontario

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Here's a couple pics of my charcoal Go Anywhere Grill set up. Tonight in the back yard I cooked up a 3.5 lb /1.6kg prime rib roast for a special Thanksgiving weekend dinner. We paired it with a fantastic bottle of Ontario Cabernet Sauvignon, oven roasted carrots, potatoes, and sautéed onions with mushrooms.

I estimated the 3.5lb / 1.6kg roast would take about 1.5 hrs at 350f for medium rare. This turned out to be quite accurate. The temperature out was a cool 50f / 10c .

A couple hours in advance I drizzled olive oil over the roast, worked in my rub and let it rest at room temp:
1 tbs paprika, 1 tbs brown sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tbsp onion powder, 1 tsp cumin

Here's the GAWG all cleaned, packed up, loaded, and ready to go for a picnic. I've been experimenting with gelled alcohol fuel as a charcoal starter. Didn't really work that well (maybe I didn't use enough?). So I just used the usual propane torch again to start the briquettes. A propane torch works well but it's just one more bulky thing to pack on a picnic. I hope to learn some other good techniques for easily starting the briquettes without using toxic lighter fluid, and without creating too much smoke. For a simple work table in the back yard I've set a plywood board over a couple of saw horses.

Here's my set up with a snake of about 35 briquettes laid out for a longer cook time. For easy clean up I keep the grill bottom lined with foil and a foil drip tray under the roast to catch the drippings. After taking this pic I tightened the briquettes closer together since the last time I did a snake it failed part way through the cook because of a gap.

I started the first 9 at the top right beside the drip tray. Those only reached 250f and I wanted to target 300-350f so I started another 4 and added that in at the start.
Only the top vent above the roast was open. The bottom intakes were slanted fully open under the coals. After it reached 350f I closed the vent half way.


About 1.5hr after starting the cook, the internal roast temp was nearly ready at 130f and the BBQ temp 380f.
I gave it 10 more minutes after retesting the middle of the roast a few more times and pulled it when I was measuring a consistent 135f internal temp.

I wrapped it in foil, and put into an insulated picnic bag / cooler for another 20 minutes before carving the roast up. It was nearly a perfect medium rare pink in the middle, but perhaps still a bit too rare towards the rib bone. Next time I should rotate the roast part way through the cook, but it was so cool out I didn't want to lose too much heat with opening it up. We were all quite pleased with how extremely flavorful and tender the roast turned out!

After pulling the roast, I also removed the drip tray full of grease, separated the coals, and then shut the vents to snuff it out. The whole unit was cool to the touch by the time we were finished eating. The last 10 briquettes at the bottom left were unnecessary, and hadn't burned at all by the time the roast was done. They can be used on the next cook. I'd estimate the snake could run another 30 minutes to an hour for a longer cook if needed.

The GAWG is fantastic and I'm really happy I bought it! Thanks for reading.
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Richard in NS

Hey Dave, we need pics of the results please. Cool, I have never tried a snake on the CGA but will have to now. These little grills can cook way above most people’s expectations. 👍

Dave Ontario

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Hey Dave, we need pics of the results please.
Sure wish I did get shots of that roast and the plates. Totally forgot, we were so hungry!

But the following days I took pics of how we used up the leftovers.
Chopped up the left over prime rib roast and made pizzas and ramen noodle soup.

I baked the pizzas in the WGAW on top of a 10 inch cast iron griddle. The family said it was the best pizza they've ever had. For the crust I used multigrain flour with this recipe:

The following day I boiled the bone to make the beef broth for the ramen noodle soup & added a bunch of garden veggies to the broth.

pizza - Copy.jpgflatbread - Copy.jpgpho - Copy.jpg

Richard in NS

Yummy looking Dave! I have a prime rib in the freezer I need to cook but I will be doing it on the rotisserie though. Haven’t used the CGA in a while but have to correct that. Thanks.