CGA charcoal basket?


Jason Godard

For folks with the Charcoal Go Anywhere portable grill, do you use a charcoal basket? What other mods did you incorporate? I’m interested in seeing your set-ups. Thanks!
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Richard in NS

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Jason, I fabricated one of these and am embarrassed to say I haven’t tried it yet. There are Weber GA Facebook groups in Europe and Australia that show lots of accessories like this.


Joe Anshien

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This guy has an interesting and inexpensive take on an adjustable partition at about 6:50...

I had seen, bookmarked, and liked that video in the past. Great refresher. I may buy that tray and grill toppers. I like my drilled out bread pan but the grill toppers would be more flexible and allow me more room. I still need to add a lighter and small spatula.