CGA base plate


Richard in NS

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I have never seen them before so they might be new. I would call Weber CS and say you just bought one which was probably old stock and see if they would ship you one.


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These plates are standard in Europe CGA models.

We only get one lid handle, but with heat shield, and no side handles, though, probably because we’re stupid enough to pick up a hot grill.

Donna Fong

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Thank you Richard and Chris. I figured. I contacted Weber and they said they don't carry them. I contacted the author of the article and haven't heard back. Interesting how it is not standard across different countries.

Richard in NS

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Donna, it is probably a safety requirement for Europe that is not required in the rest of the world. Although, the rest of the world gets accessories and colours that we do not get in North America. We even get kettles here in Canada in colours that they cannot get in the USA. Doesn’t make sense!