Capt. D




It was a good surprise when you popped up in the desert to judge the Steak Throwdown between Bobby Flay and Capt. Eric Dominijanni. I think you picked the right steak for the winner and I'm glad to see your victor in Weber's Charcoal Grilling.

Do you keep in touch with Capt. D? What is the latest you've heard from him?


I was really happy that The Food Network asked me to judge that competition. Despite the unbelievably intense heat in the desert, the event was fun and, I'll tell you, my respect for the men and women who serve our country rose about tenfold during my day at the base. They humble me with their dedication and sacrifices. Capt. D is one of the best. What a patriot. I do keep in touch with him. He provided Capt. D’s Lamb Burgers in “Weber’s Charcoal Grilling.” They are outrageously good. He is in Iraq now but I keep in touch with him by email. Hopefully he’ll be back home this spring.