Cajun Bandit Products and Customer Service


Steve Whiting

TVWBB All-Star
Many years ago when Cajun Bandit was a brand new company I was one of the first to purchase the original Weber kettle Conversion kit (with the door) so I could turn my kettle into a smoker. Since then I have also purchased other items such as their stainless steel WSM replacement door and their rotisserie ring and cordless motor. At the time I was very unhappy with my Weber roto ring because back then weber used tabs to hold it in place, leaving a huge gap around the parameter of the ring allowing heat and smoke to escape. When I discovered that Chris at Cajun Bandit had created a roto ring that not only fit snugly to the kettle without the gap but was also reversible and when turned over would fit the WSM I was sold. All of the CJ products I have purchased are well built and made to last.

I have spoke with Chris at Cajun Bandit from time-to-time and I have to tell you he knows how to treat his customers. Cajun Bandit has excellent customer service and top notch products. If you are in the market for accessories or modifications to your Weber products I highly recommend Cajun Bandit.

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
And I agree with you Steve 100%!
I haven’t purchased anything from cajun bandit in a few years,
However, I do have his reversible rotisserie ring and his 22 inch kettle conversion smoker kit not to mention the stainless steel doors for both the 18 inch WSM and the 22 inch ...
I am more than completely satisfied with their products and their customer service is fighting for first place with Weber itself