Brisket and spares today


Bryon Piequet

Put my brisket on an hour ago, St. Louis style spare ribs going on about 1 pm. The brisket is a 8.5 lb choice flat. I usually only do the flats as its just my wife and I and that's a lot of left overs. Tried a mix of lump and Kingsford blue. Cherry for the smoke wood.
Oh I will I did not get pick of it going on as I was trying to wake up. 5 am on sat without coffee makes you do crazy things. I injected the brisket last night and put my modified Harry Soo rub on it. Ribs are Costco St. Louis spares. Only doing one rack today. I will do the other two racks tomorrow morning. Heading to a friend house to hang around the pool. I am bringing left over brisket for sandwiches and the other two racks of ribs. The this weekend is a two day smoke!
Nice bark and smoke ring. Looks mouth watering. Man I wish I did a brisket this weekend. How'd the ribs come out or did you get to them?
The ribs came out awesome but wife and friend served and ate before I could take a photo, lol. I will post pic of ribs tomorrow as I am doing 2 racks of spares at 7 am to take to the pool party. The brisket was to die for as was the one rack of ribs. We had a friend drop by last minute and he and my wife started on the ribs before I could take pics.
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