Break in period for OTS 22

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Billy W

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I just recently bought a OTS 22 and was wondering what the break in period is? I have made some steaks and ribs but wondering what can I start to use it with some wood chunks for some added smoke flavor. For example when I got my smoker it said to wait a couple of smokes befpre doing fish because the smoker will take on a fishy smell. I wasn't sure if there was a certain number of cooks that should be performed before introducing smoke.
Also I noticed thatwheb I have my cover vent open, spmetimes smoke from cooking will leak out from under the lid under the vent. I am assuming that the lid is not air tight so the smoke will leak out. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance.

No break-in or seasoning is necessary with the WSM since it's porcelain coated inside and out. No porous steel to absorb odors.

Some will claim a new one will run a little hotter those first few cooks but I've bought into that belief.

Also, a little smoke leaking from around the joints is normal. They will gunk up and seal after a few long cooks.

The only thing I noticed about a brand new OTS is it won't be airtight on the first couple of cooks. When you close your vents to choke out the fire it will not seal. You just have to get some ash and fat drippings in the bottom of the bowl and problem solved. So go throw on a couple of steaks and some pork.
Thanks for all the input guys! It's much appreciated. Charcoal is different animal compared to a gasser!
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