Blackstone griddle on the Weber


Mack Manning

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A clearance Blackstone griddle followed me home from Walmart and of course I needed to season it. I wanted even heat and to use cheap natural gas as fuel, so I decided to throw the griddle top on my S-435. The 28" griddle fits perfectly and the griddle feet locked into the grates so it stayed put. With the 4 main burners on high, the griddle surface hit 600F. It works so well, I'm thinking of keeping the top and reselling the rest to save deck space.

Has anyone done something similar?


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Thanks, it’ll actually sit on the ledges in lieu of the grates or on top of them. If you look real close you can see the two different heights in the pic. I got tired of taking the grates out and storing them, so now i just leave the griddle on top of the grates.

There’s so much real estate, I don’t really have an issue with the oil. I just push it around, to the side or to the back and then mop it up with a couple paper towels and a scraper.

I also warm it up real gradually, usually four burners on low or six burners on low. Medium is about the highest the burners ever go, even for Oklahoma onion burgers.
Hey Gerry! Son in law is still using that old original Genesis I bought back in 92. You gave me the frame for to replace the one those roofing contractors crushed. Thanks again!