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I wasn’t really sure where to post this, so please excuse me in advance.

I had the opportunity to pick up some local, farm raised bison meat (ground, steaks, roast, sausages, etc.) Knowing that bison meat is quite lean, any tips or tricks I should be aware of before I toss something on the grill / smoker?





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Bradley, don't know if you already saw these or if they will help, but I just bumped up 3 posts that were on the "Other Meat Recipe"' site. (where this post should go)


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Add beef fat (brisket is good) to the burgers so they stay together and bind.

Steaks should be indirect with a quick sear as they’ll dry out quickly with too much direct heat.

My neighbor bow hunts elk and we’ve enjoyed some over the years. Elk is exceptionally lean but beefy in flavor.

You can always add heat, just not take it away. So err on the side of caution versus cooking it like a well marbled steak.

Looking forward to your posts and success.
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