Bison on the JJ


Ron De Hoogh

We have a Bison ranch close to us and from time to time my wife picks up something to grill, this time she picked up Ribeye steaks. Man were these good and very tender, I have not done steaks very much so I read up on how to do them and once done a rest under foil was done. We did small potatos cut up and in a foil bag on the grill and corn on the cob on the stove. Mmmmmm!
The covered patio at our new house.

Firing up the JJ.

Grilling away!


Michael Richards

TVWBB Gold Member
Great looking plate, and great cook through and through. I got the smoky joe over the summer and I can not believe how often I fire that little guy up and us it for. It is getting so much more use then I though it would.