Bison Back Ribs


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I picked up some High Planes Bison Back Ribs from Costco last week, great price and wanted to try them out on the smoker.

Did a lot of research before cooking, but didn't see much specifically on Bison Back Ribs. So I gambled and took a shot a cooking them.

I used the Sugarless Texas Sprinkle Barbecue Rub on two racks.

From what I had read online, there was a lot of concern about the ribs losing moisture, but muck it.. they didn't seem that different than other types of meat.

Sure it was lean, and less fat that beef ribs, so I fired up the grill Minion method and went to work.

3 hours on the smoker about 225, no foil, no basting, just the rub. They turned out amazing... the whole family loved it. I was so happy with the result, I'm going back to Costco to see if I can stock up on some more. Great taste and flavor, I highly recommend if you get a chance. Here is the after with some smoked cheese and jalapeno sausage.



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Wow great cook.

Never had bison before and doubt i can get it here,but looks great.

I smoke Bison back ribs when I can get them. Usually on line but the best I have had came from Jackson, WY in a store that said they don't stock them. Broght them home in the freezer in my trailer. I use cabernet barrel for chips in my Smoke Vault gasser. Three hours at 225° and three hours at 275°. Use a modified pork rub-sort of like you would use for beef ribs. Always very tender with good texture. These racks are about 24" long so have to cut them to fit on my 18" smoker racks.

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Great job,

There are a few Bison Ranches in my area. I have made plenty of Bison burgers but never any ribs. This, I am going to look into

Thanks for the post, Great cook

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They look awesome!
I just did 2 racks of them last night on the kettle. I smoked them using chunks of pecan.


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Never had Bison ribs but I have grilled Bison steaks and burgers. Both were great. I'd love to try the ribs!

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Just out of curiousity how much did they cost. Bison costs an arm and a leg where I am but I have never seen ribs. Maybe I'll go see one of the breeder/butchers and see if they have them.
I love the flavour of the steaks and roasts.

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Great post. I just picked up a rack at Whole Foods yesterday and was wondering how I was going to cook these.