Best Vegetables for Grilling


Mike McGrath

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Dear Jamie,

There is an ever-increasing push for healthier eating in my family - and my solution has been to throw some vegetables on the grill. So far, I have had my best results with summer sweet corn and asparagus. What vegetables do you enjoy the most on the grill? Which ones pass the test with your kids?

Thank you for participating in this forum - I have enjoyed reading all the questions and your responses.


P.S. Please let us know the schedule for your book tour. I sure hope that the Twin Cities makes the list ...
Mike McGrath? Is this the legendary Mike McGrath who drove all the way from Woodbury, Minnesota, to Chicago, Illinois on his wedding anniversary (with his lovely wife) to compete in Chicago’s Backyard Barbecue? Is this the Mike McGrath who won the competition with his over-the-moon rib-eye steaks and then allowed me to publish the recipe in “Weber’s Charcoal Grilling?” Wow, it’s great to hear from you again!

You know, my kids really like it when I grill carrots. I tried this for the first time last year. People had mentioned the idea to me before, but I just couldn’t image that carrots would work well on the grill. Then I tried some grilled carrots at an old Hollywood restaurant called Dominick’s. The chef there boils them for about 5 minutes, just until they are crisp-tender, then he bastes them with a little butter, vinegar, and spices. He grills them over big logs of white oak, but you can use charcoal. Man, they are fantastic. You could make them even healthier by using olive oil in place of butter. Maybe some garlic oil? Anyway, play with that. I KNOW you have the cookbook (see page 210), so give them a try and please stay in touch.

I will be Minneapolis this summer. I just booked some demos at a Bachman’s store on Saturday, July 7. I am sure Mike knows Bachman’s, but for anyone else, it’s a group of high-end garden and outdoor living stores in the Twin Cities.

Take care,