Best enameled cast iron dutch oven?


TVWBB Olympian
Reading many of the reviews of the Lodge dutch ovens from Amazon, it appears they are made in China. I didn't know that. That doesn't necessarily mean they are bad, but it is something to consider.

R. Hutchins

Being a bottom feeder - and a retiree - I cannot bring myself to spend for the Le Creuset (although I probably would if a) I were still working; b) I were younger. Lodge was also a bit too expensive for me. One day in my local (Texas) supermarket (HEB), I found a rack of enameled CI 4-qt dutch ovens for about $40. I bought one and have used it for more than a year without any problems. My wife even likes it but complains about how heavy it is. As time as passed, HEB has added more products to the line. I have a 10" saute pan ($20) and a 2 qt cooking pot ($20) from the same line. HEB has it branded as Cocina Ware.

So . . . for less than a hundred bucks I have 3 very good enameled CI cooking pots.