BBQ Table



New member
I take a Jumbo Joe in my camper. I am looking for a portable table to set it on, perhaps even lock the legs in. I see Weber used to sell one but now discontinued. Anyone have a good suggestion?

Ron De Hoogh

I use a 6ft table that folds in half, they have smaller ones also.


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i use the 6 foot folding table as well. The problem is when the charcoal sometime comes out and burn a hole in the table. The table also has stains on it from my bbq sessions that will just never come out. I've given up on trying to keep it looking like brand new and just treat it as a working table now.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
Mount a sheet pan on the table and put some sort of ”Z” shaped clip to fit the legs under? I like the idea of the 6’ table!